As beautiful women, we face many decisions concerning our hair. If you’re looking for a different look for a short time period, or planning to wear extensions long term, Dream Chasers Hair will help you hit the ground running.

What is virgin hair?

Virgin remy is 100% human hair that has not been chemically altered from its natural state.

It’s very soft and shiny and moves naturally, and it will last longer than the beauty supply store hair. Dream Chasers Hair will last 6 months or more if properly cared for. This hair is installed mostly because of its luster, durability, and versatility.

What inch hair should I purchase?

Most short hair styles (8-14 inches) require 2 bundles for a full head and long hair styles (16-30 inches) require 3 or 4 bundles. When installing a frontal or 360 frontal, the number of bundles depends on the length of the hair. Remember the longer the hair, the shorter the bundle (longer hair requires more bundles).

How should I care for my hair?

Have a professional install your DCH. For styling, use a loop paddled brush or wide tooth comb on hair. These bristles have loops to avoid shedding while brushing. This is not your typical wig brush. Preferably, use a wide tooth comb and start at the bottom of the hair while combing.

Use Dream Chasers Hair sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to maintain luster and longevity! If you have not purchased your DCH hair care products, here are some great store brand items that you can purchase: Biosilk, OGX Organix, Herbal Essences (Hello Hydration), Garnier Fructis, or Moroccan oil repair. Use a dime size of serum as a moisturizer. Do not use any more than that as you do not want to weigh the hair down.

It is very important to shampoo and condition your hair weekly. If your is not behaving properly, it normally means that it is dirty and need to be cleansed and conditoned.

Can I dye and/or bleach my virgin hair?

Yes, Dream Chasers Hair can be colored, just as your real hair. Use a 20-30 volumes of developer for your DCH. It is important to remember that the stronger the developer is, the harsher it will be to your extensions. This may cause severe damage and alter the original state of your luxury DCH. You must be mindful to keep the hair hydrated since the hair is not attached to your scalp and can not retain its own moisture. Remember that when you dye your virgin hair it is no longer virgin since it has been chemically processed. It is strongly suggested that DCH is dyed/bleached by a professional. Constant heat styling, coloring, and inadequate care will shorten the life span of your hair. Always perform a strand test before coloring.

Dream Chasers Hair does offer a coloring service. Please email: dreamchasershairshop@gmail.com for your custom coloring order. We will not be responsible for any hair that is not colored by Dream Chasers Hair Salon!!!!

Should I seal my wefts?

Yes! As with any Virgin hair, Seal wefts prior to install. This will ensure reinforcement of the hair extensions to prevent shedding all together. By sealing the wefts as soon as you receive the extensions, you safe-guard the weave against excess shedding, making them last longer. We advise using weft sealant.

What does co-wash mean?

Co-washing is when you wash the hair with conditioner only. Do not use shampoo on the first wash. Although shampooing is necessary, it is only meant to cleanse the hair; from any dirt and oil. The excessive use of shampoos will dry virgin hair out. Conditioners work best because it hydrates and moisturizes the hair.

How to care for straight hair textures?

When wearing straight hair, a “silk out” is highly recommended. A silk out uses a hair serum, such as Biosilk Silk Therapy, during the flat ironing process. For a silky look, chase the flat iron with a small tooth comb. Also, whenever heat is being applied to your DCH, a heat protectant or flat iron spray is recommended as well.

How to care for loose/body wave?

Loose wave has a beautiful loose curl pattern. To maintain the curl pattern use Flexi Rods 2/3 times a week. Body wave textures have a slight wave pattern, therefore you should be aware that after many times of straightening or applying heat it can lose its natural curl. It is highly recommended that you wear it in its natural state before you add heavy heat and other chemicals, such as dye, treatments, etc.

How to care for deep/curly wave?

Apply a curl defining/curl control cream to the hair while it’s wet. This will stop the hair from getting frizzy, and also lock in the curl/wave pattern. At night, plait or twist the hair and wear a satin cap. Heat can be added to tight curls/deep wave and will revert back to its natural curls. Be aware that the curls will be looser and have less definition when being reverted back to its natural state.

Why are closures, frontals, and 360 frontals beneficial?

Closures and frontals are used for a full sew in. Women who are natural or don’t want to deal with the maintenance of a “leave out” normally wear closures or frontals. The closures (frontals) create the look of a natural part while never having the hassle of blending your natural hair with DCH. All closure pieces offer full protection and you will never have to add chemicals, or heat to your real hair while wearing this style. Many customers enjoy maximum hair growth while wearing them. This look is best achieved when installed by a highly skilled professional beautician. Although your DCH wefts can be installed multiple times, a new closure or frontal will need to be purchased at the time of each “sew-in” installation due to the strand by strand hairs on the lace thinning. In order to get the best return on your investment, use your Dream Chasers Hair extentions and closures (frontals) to get a custom unit made. A custom unit is essential for a woman on the go. Please contact us via email: dreamchasershairshop@gmail.com to inquire about a custom unit.